Rental and Return Shipment Policy

RETURN OF EQUIPMENT. Mintie may terminate this Contract at any time, for any reason. The Equipment shall be returned to Mintie (when needed for inspections, maintenance and at the end of the Rental Period) in the same condition it was received, less Ordinary Wear and Tear and free of any hazardous materials and contaminants. Customer will return the Equipment at the end of the Rental Period but will continue to be responsible for rental and other charges after the Rental Period if the Equipment is not returned in the condition required herein. If Mintie delivered the Equipment to Customer, Customer shall notify Mintie that the Equipment is ready to be picked up at the Site Address and obtain and Pick-Up number, which Pick-Up Number Customer should keep as proof of the call; provided Customer remains liable for any loss, theft, damage to or destruction of the Equipment until Mintie confirms that the Equipment is returned in the condition required herein. Customer will not be charged the rental charges after the date the Pick-Up Number is given, provided Customer has otherwise complied with this Contract. No pickups occur on Sundays or statutory holidays and Saturday pickups are dependent on specific Store hours. If Customer picked up Equipment, Customer shall return Equipment to the same Store during that Store’s normal business hours. If the Equipment is not returned by the estimated end of the Rental Period specified earlier, Customer agrees to pay the applicable rental rate for the Equipment until the end of the Rental Period.