VirusKiller V103 - RENTAL


$$750 / Week


$$2,500 / Month
The VK 103 neutralizes pathogens in large areas up to 100m2 Low running costs • Simple installation and maintenance • Free standing.
Air Decontamination Results
Tests conducted on Mintie MV 401 found that VIRUSKILLER™ technology was effective in deactivating COVID-19, as well as other respiratory pathogens.
Rent the NEW ECU4 & Save!


Mintie, the Worldwide Leader in Environmental Containment Solutions is now offering our flagship ECU4 Containment Bundle with Disposable Envelope bundle for rent.

Save up to 85% when renting over full purchase price.
ECU4 EZ-Hauler


$$250 / Week
The Mintie Foldable Mobile Platform allows ladders, tools and equipment to be left inside the unit during repositioning, the mobile platform provides stabile support and increased mobility, portability and ease of use to your ECU. The only foldable and Patented Mobile Platform on the market.
The MTI2000X Portable HEPA Air Filtration System


$$200 / Week
For high volume air exchanges required in abatement, dust control, fire response for smoke & odor neutralizing and air scrubbing on large job sites contaminated by airborne pollutants.
DELIVERY in Continental US
Each rental is shipped by FedEx in a reusable shipping case that includes return label.
Expedited SHIPPING
Rentals usually ship within 24 hours.
Flexible Rental Schedule
Your rental period does not start until you receive your package and can be extended as needed to complete your project.

Uncompromising clean air performance for every space.

Large communal areas and open plan indoor spaces

The VK 103 is a powerful unit that is perfectly suited to open plan spaces and large areas. It can also be used with a positive air pressure attachment to create positive pressure.

The VK 103 has been proven and tested to:

Control airflow to optimize decontamination in the breathing spaceDeactivate viruses and bacteria with unequalled efficiencyEffectively neutralize noxious gases and larger particles such as dust, dander, and other allergens

The perfect clean air technology solution for large rooms, communal areas, hospital wards, offices, hotel lobbies, waiting rooms, restaurants, commercial spaces, childcare facilities, government buildings, and leisure facilities.

More than just an air purifier...

Watch the video to see how the VirusKiller VK 103 provides world-class indoor air safety to critical and public spaces around the world.

Mintie Disposable Envelope (ECU) Environmental Containment Unit

Watch the video to see just how easy it is to setup and use the Mintie ECU with Disposable Envelope for those work environments that require dust containment for active work environments and infection control for healthcare facilities.